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Biography : Jayne Lewis

jayne lewis jazz singer and jazz saxophoneJayne's parents are both musical of fine voice and instrumentalists, local people will remember her father in the lead roles in the local PODS productions playing Fagin as well as the lead in Fiddler on the Roof made his own by Topol. Her one brother sings and plays piano, her sister also has a fine voice, her youngest brother got distracted into computer keyboards and he rues the early departure from the piano. Her one Gran featured in a WI event... showing where some of the genes emanate.

Her first instrument was the recorder, then the ‘cello, her fabulous teacher whose name escapes her, kindly gave her the ticket. She was very fortunate to see a master class with Jacqueline du Pre. The choice between the carpet and second hand clarinet led to cold Marley floors. Both dad and daughter began to learn. With Jayne’s second school music teacher, after Mr Bryce being none other than Trevor Emeny.

School music teacher Lewis Riley’s inspiration led to the formation of the Briar Mill Blues Band and a first gig at The Chateau Impney, aged 16. Peter Brockway encouraged her interest in classical music. Her wonderful teacher, Mrs Smith still ‘sits on her shoulder’ as she plays the piano…which is every single day. Jayne played and sang in all the middle and high school musicals, and entered the school Eisteddford playing Stranger on the Shore. In her twenties she joined a military woodwind band. She wanted to learn to play the saxophone… her parents chose carpet this time. The flute player posed at the end of the band practice with his King saxophone. It was Dutch Lewis.

After some time carrying bags and listening to bands she was for a time a member of The Blue Pearls Band, appearing in Silver Shine, the Central TV programme about the life of Andy Hamilton. She played with the Don Ellis Connection, a Coventry based band. She played rhythm section on the tambourine for the whole night at the Birmingham Rep Café bar when the drummer did not appear for Jax Cats… she was in!

Jayne sings and plays with the Dutch Lewis Broadband… saxes clarinet, congas as well as the tambourine. Her voice is unique, she can roar out the blues, and Galaxy milk chocolate the softest ballards… you know what I mean. The band has an enormous repertoire from which Jayne can be heard singing such songs as Midnight at The Oasis, God Bless The Child, Cry Me A River, St Louis Blues, as well as Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow. She also sings duets such as Stupid.